Executive Coaching

One enduring lean principle is “leader as coach.” But, when you are at the top of the organization, or your immediate leader(s) is disinterested or perhaps at the beginning of their lean learning journey, who coaches you?

There are many things with which leaders struggle. How, when, and if those things are addressed can be the difference between a sustainable transformation and a long frustrating path to less than desirable results. Often the leader can benefit from a sounding board, simple encouragement, help assessing the current condition, an understanding of available and appropriate countermeasures, and so forth from someone who has navigated the path numerous times before. Consider the following example questions/issues that leaders may be contending with:

  • How and where should we start the lean transformation?
  • How do we connect operational improvement with financial outcomes?
  • How do we get alignment among leadership and key stakeholders?
  • How do we reinvigorate a stalled transformation?
  • How do we resource and deploy the lean support function?
  • Why are we backsliding and how can we reverse it?
  • How can we implement lean faster?
  • What is the best organizational design to facilitate operational excellence?
  • How do we start daily kaizen?
  • How do we foster a lean culture of problem solving and continuous improvement?
  • How can we improve the effectiveness of our strategy deployment process?

Talcott Ridge provides executive coaching, in person and/or virtually. Coaching packages are tailored, in timing, frequency, and duration, to the needs of the coachee. Please contact us at [email protected] to schedule an initial, no obligation consultation.